Reforest-Accion Network

Website Design, Development, and Launch

Seeding Awareness

Born from the ashes of a forest fire in Sierra de Gata, Spain, Reforest-Accion Network started as one environmentalist’s small-scale dream to restore a native forest. This self-proclaimed “crazy soul with a clear and strong commitment to serving nature,” through word-of-mouth and sporadic online crowdsourcing, founded a network of hundreds of dedicated volunteers from all over the globe who continue to help him plant thousands of new native trees.

Growing Together

With a mission to create a global culture of receptiveness and a collaborative movement based on action, this group was driven to expand their small network into a global organization with reforestation projects worldwide. Sage Wow was brought on board with a short deadline to create an educational website, comprehensive online portal, and e-commerce site to recruit and support volunteers and to attract the kind of funding and resource donations needed to continue growing.
We created (Spanish-language copy and design), developed (front- and back-end), and launched Reforest-Accion Network with the goal of creating a call-to-action, empowering and connection those who feel the will and duty to take care of forests.

Native Forests get Greener

“It is a great pleasure working with Sage Wow. Their team members are not only dedicated and professional but have a passionate and human quality that shines through their work”

– Bonggi Ibarrondo;

Reforest-Accion Network was created in just 2 months and launched in July 2017. It’s not only a website but a virtual space that allows the organization to manage ongoing projects, collect and monitor resources, and support volunteers and funders. With posting boards for each reforestation project, people from all over the world can collaborate and contribute, either by volunteering to get involved physically or by helping out virtually by signing up for one of three donation plans: Root Projects (long-term support), Seed Projects (short-term support), or Leaf Members (any contribution).