Russian Standard Vodka

Social Media Marketing

A toast to tradition

Despite having the largest vodka market in the world, Russia had no domestically produced premium vodka brands until Russian Standard Vodka was founded in 1998 to rescue Russia’s vodka heritage with a spirit that combines Dimitri Mendeleev’s historic formula for the perfect vodka with state-of-the-art modern distilling technology. The 100% Russian, ultra-clean, smooth, and delicious vodka has since become the #1 premium vodka on the Russian market.

Distill locally, think globally

Having dominated the Russian vodka market, RSV expanded outside of Russia in 2006. With a brand identity rooted in authenticity, heritage, quality, and innovation, RSV became the top Russian vodka brand worldwide. Their next goal was to expand even further to compete not only with the other Russian vodkas but with all top vodka brands in North America to become a household name to vodka connoisseurs. RSV partnered with Sage Wow with the challenge of building their brand in the extremely competitive Canadian vodka category through brand awareness and education.

Shaking up the Canadian market

“Sage Wow has helped us reinvigorate our social media presence in Canada. They possess expertise in strategic media planning, are very results-oriented, and are committed to continuous improvement. We have improved across all social media metrics since Sage Wow came on board. They are true partners and we enjoy working with them.”

– Ashley Martin

We developed and executed a multiplatform digital marketing campaign aimed at building RSV’s reputation – and sales – as an iconic vodka brand. Using the same attention to detail and quality that RSV applies to their vodka, we told Canadians the RSV brand story through unique and memorable creative and highly targeted execution, inevitably building their reputation and Canadian online following.